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Exposed functions off of positive energy, laughter, artistic expression, and creativity. I believe that women’s empowerment works best when you’re balanced and in tune with your feminine energy and power. Sometimes we’re told to suppress our energy and not to stand in your power to get ahead in life. Let’s empower each other and embrace our uniqueness. Exposed vows to help women succed through empowering women artists through the Art Gallery, supporting our fellow girl-bosses with Business Coaching, and giving women a safe and judgement-free zone to connect at Femme by Exposed.

Did You Know That…

In the artworld, women earn less and are given fewer opportunities than men. Exposed is a woman-owned company that is committed to inspire, connect, and grow with other women.

Who’s better to support women in art than someone who has been on the same journey?

You’ll Find…

Exposed offers a place to make women feel valued and inspire them to follow their dreams in art and entrepreneurship. Exposed vows to bring opportunities to female artists, women-owned businesses, and the community.

Exposed will promote unity with women and provide an avenue to deliver visual stories. 

Girls Support Girls…

These are the values that Exposed stands on. Exposed is committed to helping all women cross barriers to gain exposure for their art and businesses. The gallery will be a destination for women to thrive and support each other.

We have to stand united to be taken serious.

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